05.10.21 Library Visit Guidelines

The Lindsborg City Council has decided to rescind the mandatory mask ordinance as of May 10, 2021. The total number of individuals within the Library at one time is less than the recommended limit given by McPherson County Health Department and in most sections of the Library, social distance can be easily maintained.

With these things in mind, the Library will have the following guidelines for Library visits as of May 10, 2021:

  1. Masks are recommended for those with health concerns. Masks will no longer be required for all individuals to wear during the entire length of their library visit, but masks are still welcome. Free masks will continue to be available at the front desk for anyone who would like one.
  2. Maintain social distance between yourself and others when you have differing comfort levels of mask usage. We know that many in our community have strong opinions on multiple viewpoints regarding mask usage. Be kind and respectful to everyone.
  3. Stay home if you are sick. If you are unwell or don’t feel comfortable visiting in person, please ask for curbside or delivery service. Both of these services will continue to be available on request as long as patrons have need of them.

Thank you!