07.08.2020 Library Update

The Library is continuing to progress through our gradual reopen plan; today we are glad to announce that we will be open full regular hours again: Monday – Friday 10 AM – 6 PM and Saturday 10 AM – 2 PM.

While this is a return to full hours, it is not yet a complete phase out of our plan. We will continue to quarantine returned items for 72 hours and continue to offer both curbside and delivery services as requested. If you are sick, please use this service rather than visiting the Library in person.

Considering both Governor Kelly’s recent order about mask usage and the McPherson County Commission’s decision to opt out of enforcement, the Library has come to the following decision: when you visit the Library, we request that you maintain social distance of at least 6 feet and wear a mask when you cannot.

For your reference, the recommended social distance of 6 feet is the length of 3 carpet tiles within the Library building. If you have children visiting with you, we are following Governor Kelly’s precedent for exempting children younger than 5 from this request and advising that children younger than 2 years not wear a mask. We also acknowledge that there are other groups of people who cannot or should not wear masks for other reasons; you are still welcome at the Library.

In order to help you follow our request,  we have disposable masks available for free at the front desk if you do not have one with you. These have been provided by Lindsborg at Work, funded by the Smoky Valley Community Foundation and all of our local banks in Lindsborg. Additional masks have been provided by your donations to the Library’s Summer Reading Program – thank you!

As a final announcement, we have been receiving questions about when our in-person events such as Story Times and LEGO Club will resume. In our reopening plan, restarting these events is tied to when the McPherson County Health Department recommends that our county can move into a Phase Out of their reopening plan. At the time of this posting, the estimated date could be July 20; however, that date is subject to change dependent on numbers of active cases. We will keep you updated regarding our final decisions if program events in the Library will restart later this summer or wait until our usual school year session begins after Labor Day.

We thank you for your understanding and hope you stay healthy!