2017 National Friends of Libraries Week, part 3

Today we highlight perhaps the most obvious Friends of our Library – the Friends of the Lindsborg Library (FoLL) group. FoLL consists of a governing board and many more general members. Through fundraising projects such as the annual book sale and membership dues, FoLL supports many Library events. In 2017, examples of FoLL sponsorship include movie nights and Taste of Travel evenings, Cook & Eat classes for children, Makerspace supplies, Rolling Hills “Zoo to You” program, book bags, new books and DVDs, support for our window replacement fund, and more.

The Library greatly benefits from the continued sponsorship of FoLL – and that sponsorship is growing. As of October 2017, the Friends group is comprised of 4 Patrons, 19 Families, 41 Individuals, and 1 Student – and 25 of those memberships are new this year! We are greatly encouraged by the growth of this group whose primary function is support for our Library. Thank you so much!

This week we have been celebrating Library Friends – and any such listing will surely remain incomplete at best. Beyond the highlighted groups there are many more friends, volunteers, and donors whose contributions all support our Library’s goal of always improving service that provides continued education, enrichment, exploration, and enjoyment in our patrons’ lives. All Library Friends make our Library a better place and we would not be as excellent without contributions large, small, and every size between.

Many thanks for your continued support!

2017 National Friends of Libraries Week, part 2

Continuing in our celebration of National Friends of Libraries Week, we extend our sincere thanks to the Local Businesses and Community Organizations who have supported the Library in 2017. These groups provided sponsorship of our summer reading program, book bags, new books & materials, and our window replacement fund. Thank you so much for being Friends of the Library!

Celebrating Library Friend, David J. Nutt


The Lindsborg Community Library is pleased to begin our celebration of National Friends of Libraries Week by highlighting the generosity of former Lindsborg resident David J. Nutt. At a press conference last week, the Lindsborg community announced that a total of $15.1 million had been given to Lindsborg entities, primarily the McPherson County Community Foundation, Bethany College, and Lindsborg Community Hospital, with gifts also given to the Library, McPherson County Old Mill Museum, Trinity United Methodist Church, and Bethany Home.

In his estate, Mr. Nutt designated a gift of $100,000 to the Lindsborg Community Library “to celebrate the benefits a good library bring to the community.” More of his connection to Libraries continued, as he made care to especially note his gratitude for the kindness provided by Bethany College Librarians Vendla and Edla Wahlin.

Mr. Nutt grew up in Lindsborg before World War II and moved on to other communities after he returned from his military service. Though he never benefited directly from the Lindsborg Community Library in his youth, as the Library was not formed until 1960, we are honored to be given the opportunity to continue in the tradition of librarians who nurture our town’s young people, encouraging them to further education and growth, wherever their lives lead.

Today we express our deepest thanks and gratitude for David J. Nutt, donor and friend of Lindsborg Community Library.

Library Circulation Upgrade

On Monday, October 2, we will be upgrading to the latest version of our circulation system, which includes an improved online catalog. Most of the changes will be ways that we as Librarians can serve you better.

This upgrade will not require the Library to close. You will be able to check out items even in the middle of the technology updates, however, please be sure to bring your card. We will not be able to access your account without your card while the circulation system is changing to the latest version.

If you use the eLibrary, you may experience blocks Monday while the upgrade is in progress. If it does not allow you to borrow eBooks Monday morning, wait and try later in the day. Blocks associated with the upgrade should be removed by the end of the day Monday. If the problem persists Tuesday, let us know and we will help restore your eLibrary service.

Thanks for your patience while we continue to improve the service provided at the Library!

Improvements are Coming!

This summer, we’ve been looking to build a better world starting right here in Lindsborg. Each child participating in the reading challenge was encouraged to take on their own “Build a Better World” project as a part of their weekly activities in the reading blueprints. Some examples we’ve heard at the library have included building bird feeders and bug traps! For adults, we have highlighted ways even ordinary people can improve the world – by donating food to feed needy children through “We Care in the LBK” or by becoming involved with “Circles at Lindsborg” to be a part of building community to end poverty one family at a time.

We will be celebrating Thursday, July 27 at 4pm at our “We Built a Better World” event. There will be fun, prizes, and everyone is invited to share the projects they have done and contribute to a display of how each of us has been building a better world starting in our homes, our neighborhoods, and our town. There is no such thing as a deed too small when it is better than before!

But Building a Better World doesn’t stop just because Summer Reading comes to a close for 2017! Definitely not – we are only getting started at the Library! We are always looking to improve our library into a continually better service for our community and this fall that includes carpet replacement, fresh paint, new bookcases, and replaced windows.

The improvements will start with our carpet replacement project. Library staff and volunteers are already working on preparing for this major project, which will require the library to be closed August 10-23.

During this time, the majority of library furnishings will be moved, walls in the Adult and Large Print sections will be painted, carpet will be removed and replaced, and the library will be reset in anticipation of new bookcases coming in September.

No library materials will be due during the two weeks the library is closed, so enjoy a little longer lending period while we renovate.


Sign up lists are now available at the library front desk for anyone interested in volunteering to help box books, move library furnishings, or paint walls before the new carpet is installed. After the carpet is in place, there will be needs for help to reset the library by moving furniture back and shelving all the books in the proper collections to make our library usable for patrons once again. If you are able and willing to volunteer in one of these ways, please come join us!

Later this fall, library appearances will continue to improve as bookcases are anticipated to arrive in mid September. The new bookcases will be placed in the Nonfiction and Large Print sections, improving entrance impressions. These will replace some worn cases as well as add more shelf space in other locations in the library when replaced cases are put to better use to store other collections.


Finally, we are making plans to replace windows in the Nonfiction section of the library. This project is not yet fully funded, but we anticipate that it will be soon! Three windows remain in need of replacing and we need only $1100 more in order to make that possible. Thanks so much to our donors who have already brought the total amount raised to over a third of the way towards our goal!



There are so many ways to continue Building a Better World, starting right here at the Library in Lindsborg, Kansas. As we continue making progress towards a better tomorrow, we are honored to encourage all of our library patrons to do the same in so many ways throughout our community!

2017 Summer Reading is Coming!

It all starts May 30: two months full of reading and fun as we Build a Better World!

This summer, a variety of events and activities return for babies, children, teens, adults & all ages in June and July. Story times, art days, LEGO™ Clubs, movie nights, the Family Adventure Challenge and Rolling Hills Zoo all return for 2017. For more information on returning programs, click here.

New this year are three levels of Library Makers, programs sponsored by the Smoky Valley Community Foundation. For the very youngest, there will be Messy Makers events, special sessions of Tales for Tots and Books & Babies Story Time programs that focus on more in-depth hands-on learning. Both Tots and Babies will have water sensory days; Tots will also have Kinetic Sand sensory days. For Kindergarten – Sixth Grade, there will be Library Makers events in the new Makerspace, a new addition to the Library featuring both new and recycled materials available for crafting and building challenges. Some projects will be “Make & Take,” others will be “Leave at the Library.” For 5th & 6th Grades, there will be Library Maker Circuitry events building projects with Snap Circuits.

Also new is A Taste of Travel for adults, Wednesdays at 7PM on June 7 & July 5. Light snacks native to our destination will be served along with a television travel log and discussion. In June, we will visit Israel; in July, we will travel to Italy.

See you at the Library in June & July for a summer of reading and fun as we build a better world!

More information on all our Summer Reading events is here.

If you would like a printable schedule, click here: 2017 Summer Reading Schedule

2017 Annual Book Sale

At the Library, we are often asked, “When is your annual book sale?” The wait is nearly over, the book sale is next weekend: Friday April 28, 6-8 PM for the Members’ Preview and Open to All Saturday April 29, 10 AM – 4 PM.

The Book Sale is the main fundraising event for Friends of the Lindsborg Library (FoLL). Each year the library’s back room is filled with tables covered with books of all types and pricing is both simple and a great deal — the most “expensive” items are audiobooks and DVDs, each priced at $1 each; hardcovers are 2 for $1; paperbacks and children’s books are both priced at 4 for $1. Amazing sale!

The book sale is also the FoLL membership drive. Memberships levels are $5 for students, $10 for individuals, $25 for families, $50 for patrons, and $100 for businesses. Memberships can be purchased or renewed both Friday and Saturday. As a special thank you for your support, Friends Members receive the best pricing available at the sale: only $1 per bag of books!

The library appreciates our Friends Members so much – your generosity in paying membership dues and purchasing at FoLL fundraising events like the Book Sale provides many things that simply would not be possible without your support. FoLL is the primary sponsor of our Library Summer Reading Program (Rolling Hills Zoo visit, cooking classes, art classes, LEGO™ Clubs, reading prizes, and more!), FoLL provides the movie license that makes Library movies possible throughout the year,  FoLL also donates new books and movies to library collections, along with meeting special project needs as they arise. Thank you for all you do!

See you at the Book Sale!

Moving Forward into 2017

Recently at the library, a survey has been available for all interested patrons to aid our decision making processes. We always want to be making our library better for our community and want to know what our patrons considered important.

In the surveys we have received so far, 32% came from patrons under 20, 8% from patrons in their 20s & 30s, 24% from patrons in their 40s & 50s, 24% from patrons in their 60s, and 12% from patrons 70+. Given who we see in the library on a regular basis, we think those percentages are close to accurate of who uses our library.

Much of what we learned confirmed what we thought (all ages of patrons love reading!); we also learned new information (travelling is an interest – perhaps a topic for future library events). Our survey respondents enjoy mysteries, comedies, and nonfiction – as well as history, westerns, action, and adventure.

Why do patrons come to the library? To check out books, of course, but also to attend Story Times and LEGO™ Club, browse the Used Book Store, to talk to the Librarians, to read the newspapers, to browse the selection of movies, to request interlibrary loans, renew KS Library cards, to give donations of books or magazines, attend meetings, to use the internet, and play. As Librarians, we see these activities in action every week; when we see them listed on the surveys, we are encouraged to see that patrons value what the Library offers.

As a part of continuing to offer these excellent services to our patrons, the Lindsborg Community Library will be changing open hours of operation. 

Starting January 3, 2017, the new hours will be:

  • Monday, 10 am – 7 pm (new!)
  • Tuesday, 10 am – 6 pm
  • Wednesday, 10 am – 6 pm
  • Thursday, 10 am – 6 pm (new!)
  • Friday, 10 am – 6 pm
  • Saturday, 10 am – 2 pm (new!)

Thank you for your patience during the adjustment!

November 2016: We Are Thankful!

For many years, the Friends of the Lindsborg Library (FoLL) has hosted a meal in November called “We are Thankful.” The tradition continues this Saturday, November 19 as all are invited to enjoy warm chili or soup, cinnamon rolls, and other baked goodies from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the library. Cost is a free will donation that will benefit FoLL, or a canned good donation to benefit TACOL.

In preparation for this, we have new displays at the library: one highlighting ways you can continue to help build a better library and one highlighting our thanks for donors who have given to the library in 2016. The numbers are accurate to what individuals and organizations have given January 1 through November 12, and thankfulness is surely the appropriate response! Although we can often see waves throughout the year, seeing the totals is a fresh awareness of your support: 127 books for adults, 105 DVDs, 103 books for children, 24 audiobooks, 14 books for young adults, and 14 cake pans! Thank you!

However, a post on thankfulness cannot stop without mentioning another very valuable donation made: donations of time.lego-volunteers

The picture above is a sneak peak behind the scenes of one of the library’s most popular programs. LEGO™ Club currently meets twice monthly with an average of 25 children, Kindergarten through sixth grade. We read a book, we build, we display our creations.

Then it all needs to be taken apart again for the next round of creative building.

We have two volunteers who faithfully donate their time each Wednesday before LEGO™ Club meets to take apart buildings and reset our tubs of bricks. Though it varies depending on how complicated the building designs were for the previous challenge, they usually donate more or less an hour of their time before each program in order to make LEGO™ Club possible.

They are not the only library volunteers. Others shelve books, create displays, provide program event support, inventory collections, and more. Our library would not be nearly as nice if not for the many donations of time we receive.

Thank you.

Read a Movie & Watch a Book!

This month at the library, we’re highlighting book and movie connections, whether a fan-favorite movie led to many written books or if a well-loved novel turned into a movie adaptation.

Come join our Star Wars Party at 2:00 PM Saturday, October 15, 2016.  Find trivia challenges with three levels of difficulty to test your knowledge, a treasure hunt, bingo, Yoda puppets, Wookie Cookies, and more! And while you enjoy games from a galaxy far, far away, be sure to check out some of our popular Star Wars books!


Is the Star Wars universe not quite your idea of fun? There are many other options for enjoying book & movie combinations! Find out if you prefer to read or watch Michael Crichton’s Timeline, Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Emily Giffin’s Something Borrowed. If non-fiction is your favorite, try Laura Hillenbrand’s Seabiscuit, Robert Edsels’s The Monuments Men, or Wladyslaw Szpilman’s The Pianist. For these and other book and movie combinations, come browse the display next to the library’s new books!