Automatic Doors Provided by Edward G. Griffith’s Memorial

Pictured with the new automatic doors and memorial plaque are three of Ed’s five children: Corey Griffith’s, Carla Wilson, and Cindy Akagi. Not pictured are Chris Campbell and CJ Griffith’s.

Memorials given by the friends and family of Edward G.  Griffith’s have provided funding for automatic doors at the east entrance of the Lindsborg Community Library.

Adding automatic doors to the Library has been an improvement desired for many years. Both entrances require patrons to open two doors in close succession, which previously reduced ease of access for patrons with wheelchairs, reduced mobility, and families with strollers, among others. Automatic door openers were added to the west entrance in 2013. While installing automatic doors at both entrances was not possible at that time, improving accessibility at the east entrance remained a goal for Library improvements.

Now having both entrances fully accessible to all patrons is a wonderful gift. The Lindsborg Community Library greatly appreciates honoring the memory of Lindsborg resident and library patron Ed Griffith’s in this way.


Edward G. Griffith’s, 1934 – 2019