Library Circulation Upgrade

On Monday, October 2, we will be upgrading to the latest version of our circulation system, which includes an improved online catalog. Most of the changes will be ways that we as Librarians can serve you better.

This upgrade will not require the Library to close. You will be able to check out items even in the middle of the technology updates, however, please be sure to bring your card. We will not be able to access your account without your card while the circulation system is changing to the latest version.

If you use the eLibrary, you may experience blocks Monday while the upgrade is in progress. If it does not allow you to borrow eBooks Monday morning, wait and try later in the day. Blocks associated with the upgrade should be removed by the end of the day Monday. If the problem persists Tuesday, let us know and we will help restore your eLibrary service.

Thanks for your patience while we continue to improve the service provided at the Library!