Thanks, Donors!

Meeting and surpassing the Book Blitz challenge of donating 365 items to the library in 2015 would not have been possible without the generosity of the Lindsborg Community.

In addition to the many donors who wished to remain anonymous, we extend our sincere thanks to all our donors!


Bethany College Pearson Professor Committee

Friends of the Lindsborg Library

Lindsborg Arts Council

The Mizar Club

Ell-Saline and Smoky Valley Parents as Teachers

Peoples Bank of Lindsborg

Small World Gallery


Susan Achenbach

Eva Anderson

Linda Ball

Dana Bowman

The Bunning Family

Jan Cambridge-Lewis

The Dolezal Family

AJ & Megan Elmer

Joyce Englund

The Flanagan Family

The Flynn Family

The Garretson Family

Edward Griffiths

Linda Harding

Don & Majbritt Hawk

Phyllis Kelling

Jeff Kennedy

John Leaf

Holly Lofton

Laura Lungstrom

Kathy McCord

Marceil McDaniel

Cynthia Mead

Jim & Betty Nelson

John & Sharon Palmquist

Chet Peterson, Jr.

The Pracht Family

Mary Reist

Christy Reyes

Jim & Kathy Richardson

Sue Schlegal

Eric & Yesica Swenson

Suzanna Swenson

Ava Zehnder Toll

Huck Zehnder Toll

Ione Toll

Ruth Trued

Julie Truhlar

Claryssa Weis

Deb Weller

James Wentz

Tyler Yelton

Sarah B. Zehnder

in honor of...

Teddy Atkinson

Arlyne Basom

Katie Mead Bishop

Dan Carr

Erin Dolezal

Lauren Dolezal

Twyla & Oliver Giesen

Natalie Goodwin

Kristin Hermann

Doug Hoag

Emma Littich

Eddie Littich

Henry Littich

Kate Littich

Logan Myers

Jolie Myers

Betty Poovey

Acacia Pracht

Adam Pracht

Amber Pracht

Eian Pracht

Maia Pracht

Ian Saylor

Quentin Saylor

Smoky View 4H Performing Arts Project

Doris Swenson

Emmett Swenson

Keith & Micki Swenson

Judy Thiel

Jeff & Julie Waugh

Bryant Wilson

many thanks