The Lindsborg 150 Begins!

2019 is Lindsborg’s 150th Birthday and we will be celebrating at the Library all year long with Lindsborg’s 150 favorite books. When we asked for titles of your favorite books, we received 268 responses, many of these being so beloved that they received nominations from more than one person.

These 268 nominations amounted to a total of 192 individual books or series of books to consider for the honor of being Lindsborg’s Top 150. Round 1 of voting will be held in 5 heats, January – May 2019 with the 150 books with the most votes across all heats will advance to the next round. In Round 2, 4 heats of voting will narrow our 150 to 25 favorites; Round 3 will narrow to our top 10, and the Final Round will determine Lindsborg’s Favorite Book. With voting all year long, we are excited to be celebrating the wide variety of books loved in our Lindsborg Community!

This month voting starts with 33 favorite books for the young & young at heart. Vote as often as you like at the Library or online now through January 31.

To vote online, go to:

Submit your vote & help your favorites win!